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At Sterling Serviced Rooms and Apartments, we offer a wide range of serviced accommodation to meet your needs and budget with discounts for longer stays of a week or month. Our team is always on hand to answer your questions or offer advice and support any time you need it.

Welcome packages with groceries and toiletries are available on request (for a small fee) to help you get comfortable. Apartments are cleaned regularly and maintenance issues are dealt with by a 24 hour professional to provide you with well-maintained accommodation at all times.

Our serviced apartments are ideal for business travellers, contract workers and holidaymakers looking for spacious, flexible and convenient accommodation. All our apartments have an open-plan living area with a fully equipped kitchen. We also provide hotel-like amenities such as a concierge, laundry and a housekeeping service.

Relax and unwind in our spacious apartments, a refreshing hotel alternative for short-term, long-term, business or leisure. Enjoy the luxuries of a hotel in the comfort of your own apartment.

Serviced apartments are like hotel suites but only better. They provide all the conveniences to that of being at home. Available both for short and long term stays, they include all the amenities you would find in a hotel plus the additional ones that you wished they had.

You get more space, a fully-equipped kitchen and onsite laundry facilities. They are also more economical, not just in terms of what you would pay for a hotel room, suite or extended stay but also how much you can save by cooking your own meals. If you are looking for value and comfort, then a serviced apartment is the ideal choice.

More comfortable and spacious living accommodations with all the amenities you have in your own home. Serviced apartments sleep more than two. When travelling with children this eliminates the need to rent more hotel rooms and split up the family. If you are working away from home you can share an apartment with a colleague and cut the costs for your company.

Excellent locations with easy access to transport and other local amenities makes it convenient to get around. A fully-equipped kitchen allows you to eat healthy, have home-cooked meals and save money. Children have a familiar home-like living environment where they can enjoy their favourite foods as well as have plenty of room to play.

Having a fully equipped living space including washer means you can wash your own clothes and save on the expense of hotel laundering services and you can get away with packing fewer clothes. You can entertain colleagues and friends at your convenience and can also have the option of a guest room. On an average, serviced apartments offer savings of around 30% when compared to similar hotel accommodation.

Your employees enjoy work-life balance and reward your concern for their well-being by demonstrating loyalty and hard work. Serviced apartments are easy to reserve, require minimum administration and have flexible terms, which means you don’t have to pay for services that you no longer require.

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Sterling serviced rooms and apartments provide luxury serviced accommodation in Cheshire.